Monday, October 31, 2011

I Find Redemption in the Oddest Places

There is no doubt that I watch WAAAY too much TV, or that movies have played too large a roll in my life and in the lives of my children. In fact at family gatherings, if someone errantly says “You lookin’ at me?” We better be ready for Hunter to follow up with “You rub my lamp?” and proceed to go into the entire genie monologue from Aladdin. Finally ending with “Weeeeeeeee’re outa here!” Unfortunately, I could give MANY more examples.

All my inadequacies aside, over the past month or so I cannot help but see that if we will let God use it, He can use ANYTHING, even a reality show, to give us a picture of His Salvation! 

Whether you have ever watched the show SURVIVOR or not, I’m sure you know the premise. Eighteen people living in the wilderness with each other for up to 39 days. During which time, they strategize, talk, manipulate, finagle, lie, cheat, schmoose, charm or whatever else it takes to win a million dollars for the one man or woman left standing (hopefully themselves). It doesn’t matter to me what you think of the show or what you think of me for indulging in it. I simply want to use it as an example. So I ask that no matter your opinion of either one please stick with me on this one. I DO have a spiritual application to make.

Normally a tribe (team) that looses a challenge goes to tribal council and votes off the weakest or most disliked person. This sends them to “Redemption Island” where they dual the person who is already there. The looser leaves the game permanently the winner stays on “Redemption Island”. Eventually, the last man on “Redemption Island” will get to return to the game of survivor.  Watch the following clip:

Ozzy has decided to sacrifice himself for his tribe. Now please take this in the most general and generic sense as it is given. Remember, these guys are playing for 1 million dollars and THAT is what is on THEIR MINDS!

REDEMPTION: by definition-purchase back something that is lost, by the payment of a ransom (Bible Gateway Dictionaries, 2010).

For the purpose of the game SURVIVOR, the idea of redemption is that the person who has been voted off can now “redeem” himself/herself by winning dual(s) against others who have been voted off. He/She will then show that he/she is worthy of returning to the game to fight for a place at the end to possibly win the money. However, when Ozzy “sacrificed” himself he put a new spin on things. Ozzy has now said to the rest of his tribe (team), “I am willing to risk my ‘life’ for you as a team in order to ‘save’ us all from certain doom.” This is where I went OH MY GOODNESS! This guy has NO idea he has just given me a perfect example of what Jesus did for ME!!!

If you don’t see it let me tell you! I’M LOVING THIS!!!!

I went up to Jesus and said, “Jesus, look at me I have all this sin in my life, it is horrible and black and keeps me separated from God! I want to have a relationship with God, but God says he can’t even LOOK at sin. What can I do?”

Jesus says, “Angie, you can’t do anything! Nothing you will EVER do will be good enough. The only way you can pay for your sins is by eternal death and separation from God.”

“Then who will pay for my sins, so I can have a relationship with God?”

“I already have. Because I was 100% God and 100% man I did! I was a man, who never sinned, I lived a perfect life, when I died on the cross I paid for your sins. All the sins that you have committed, or will ever commit were put on me on while I was on the cross. Then when I rose the 3rd day I defeated sin and death! Now I sit at God’s right hand. All you have to do is accept the gift of redemption that I am offering you.”

Ozzy (though NOTHING like Jesus) offered to take the place of the other tribe members so they did not have to be voted off. The others took the offer. Jesus has already taken your place will you accept Him into your heart, believe that He is your redemption and make Him Lord of your life?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Living in Grace,

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