Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Father's Day Tribute

Hi Friends,

I know it has been a VERY long time since you have heard from me. That doesn’t mean God hasn’t been working. He has, I just haven’t been sure what He has wanted me to write. Well, this morning God and I had a little conversation it went something like this:
Me: “God, I know you want me writing, I just don’t know what you want me to write. Do you have a subject? There are so many things you are teaching me personally right now. I just don’t know what you want me to share with others.”
Then I waited…
God (in my spirit): “Your dad, write about your dad. Write about me. How am I your father?”

I have to confess, this is very hard for me. Not because I had a bad dad or a bad relationship with my dad, but because 3½ years ago my daddy took his last breath on earth, and walked into the presence of Jesus. This is not a difficult subject because I’m sad for my dad, quite to the contrary! I KNOW that he is in God’s presence. Praising, Worshiping, Singing (he had a gorgeous voice), Listening to, and Loving our Savior! My sadness is for me. I miss him every day. Let me tell you a little about my daddy, Bill Dunn, and why I miss him so much.

My daddy, Bill Dunn and his dog, Rocco

To some Bill Dunn was a music director, to others an insightful Sunday School teacher, to others a savvy salesman, and still to others he was a loyal friend. There are many other titles he held, prayer partner, husband, brother, and even Papa. I could go on and on with the different aspects of my dad’s life, but to Angie, Becky and Billy he was simply known as dad or daddy.  As you can tell from the titles and rolls he held, he was a very intelligent man. My dad had a photographic memory. It was crazy, he would give us statistics that he had read and you could count on it being fact. The thing was he was never arrogant about his intelligence. He never flaunted it, or tried to prove to anyone how smart he was. He just went about his life, quiet, and unassuming. Then he’d speak and blow your mind! Because when Bill Dunn spoke, you knew it was going to be profound! The thing is that was public Bill.

Now I don’t want you to think my daddy lead a deceptive or double life. He simply behaved more casually or relaxed at home. We didn’t always listen when he spoke when we were at home. Now that may not have been a good thing, but it IS the truth. Especially when you’re talking about 3 females and 1 male in the house (before Billy came along). Poor daddy!

From the time I was little, I knew my daddy was there to protect me. I never had a doubt that when I went to bed at night, if anything happened, my daddy would be there to confront the boogieman! When I needed a hug or felt insecure, I knew I could climb in his lap and snuggle up with him. I remember being very little and singing for him. Even waaaaay back then, it didn’t matter what I did or how good I was, he was always there to encourage me and tell me how proud he was of me. Do you know what made my daddy so great? He never stopped doing these things! In fact, after I moved away from home, I think he was more protective, more affectionate more encouraging and more proud of me than he had ever been when I was at home.

There was one other quality that made Bill Dunn an amazing daddy. He was always there ready to guide me to Jesus. As I said before, he may not have talked a lot, but there was one thing I knew for sure. He loved God and would do anything for his church. That included climbing around in the attic of the our new church building, as it was being built, and putting air conditioning in it. I also knew the whole family would be in church every time the doors were open. Even after I had my own family he was still guiding us. Sharing his written lessons. Wow! God sure did bless me!

Now let me make one quick Bible application. I could not be more thankful or feel more blessed for an earthly father! However, my precious daddy was human and fallible. Though I don’t like to think of him that way, but my daddy pointed me to the ONE who is perfect, will never leave me, will never disappoint me, will protect me, will give me security, and will always encourage me. I simply have to turn to God when I need Him and He is there to meet those needs.

I hope you will remember, whether your dad is here or not, whether you have a relationship with him or not, God longs to be your daddy. Just go to Him in faith and trust Him to forgive you of your sins and ask Him to come in your heart and be the Lord of your life.

Living in Grace,

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  1. I just saw this, Ang. It made me cry. You did such a good job capturing who our daddy was. I miss him so much!