Thursday, August 22, 2013

#YesToGod With A Bucket Of Snacks

Hello friends,

As I have been involved in the Proverb31 Online Bible Study and reading the book, “What Happens When Women Say Yes To God”, I tend to look at the big events, or the times that are major turning points in my life, when I have said #YesToGod. However, Melissa and Nicki, our OBS leaders, reminded us that we can say #yestogod in small ways daily. At first I feel like I was overlooking those small yeses, but as I asked God for direction for this blog He has begun to show several of those small yeses. I’d like to share one specific event, that I feel was a simple #yestogod, and the way my obedience turned into overwhelming blessings for me.

A little more than 2 years ago there was a fire at one of the cement plants in town. Four men were badly burned and taken to area hospitals, one by ambulance, the other 3 by helicopter. Because we live in a fairly small town, and tight-knit community, the word spread quickly about the accident. There were posts all over Facebook. So when I read that one of my friends and former co-workers knew one of the men, I immediately began to pray.

A few days later I was on a site for our church, and noticed that the family of Brent, the same man I had been praying for, had been attending our church. Wow! I already had felt great compassion for this wife and their children, but now…now it was personal! These were people in my congregation! I felt God tugging at my heart. I began to follow Brent’s progress on Caring Bridge. Caring Bridge is a website for patients (with long-term illnesses etc.) and their families to keep the rest of the world updated on the patient’s progress. I felt God leading me to do more. I read, not only about what Brent was going through, but the fact that his wife, Jenice (pronounced like Denise but with a J), was sitting at the hospital all day. She was allowed to go in and see him like once every 2 or 3 hours for 30 minutes, due to the fact that he was in the Intensive Care Burn Unit. God helped me remember a time in my family when we had to spend a lot of time at the hospital. He reminded me that some of the best things to have around were snacks and bottled water. If we didn’t have those we had to buy them and hospital vending machines get expensive. So I said #YesToGod and presented an idea to our HomeGroup for everyone to donate snack items and I would take them to the hospital for the families to share.

The day I drove to the hospital in Dallas, I must admit, I was quite nervous. You see I had never actually met Jenice, or the other wives. In fact the only thing Jenice knew of me were comments saying that I was praying for them on Caring Bridge. I had never seen her either. So I was directed to the waiting room for the burn unit. I walked in carrying a huge bucket overflowing with snack items and bottles of water. I asked for Jenice and she stood up. I introduced myself and told her what I had brought and why. She then introduced me to the wife of one of the other men. Her name is Pei. We all hugged and we talked. They caught me up on the progress of each man. Including the fact that the man who was brought in by ambulance had been able to go home. What a praise and a blessing! The other 3 however were still very critical.

Over the next couple of months I made 2 or 3 more visits, but spoke with the wives at least once a week, while their husbands and the third man made (I never have gotten to meet them) miraculous strides in healing. By the end of the summer, all three were home from the hospital, and returning for physical therapy on an outpatient basis.

Since then I have remained friend with Jenice and Pei. They have each had ups and downs through this journey. Their husbands are continuing to recover. I believe from a simple #YesToGod He has changed my life, by adding friends and experiences I never would have had if I had not said “Yes”.

This whole experience reminds me of this verse.

Matthew 25:35(ESV)
For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,

Living in Grace,

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